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Scott Mackay

Scott Mackay is an award-winning author of thirteen novels and over fifty short stories. He has been interviewed in print, web, tv, and radio media. His short story, Last Inning, won the Arthur Ellis Award for best short mystery fiction. Another story, Reasons Unknown won the Okanagan Award for best Literary Short Fiction. His first Barry Gilbert Mystery, Cold Comfort, was nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award for best mystery novel, and his SF novel, The Meek, was a finalist for the prestigious U.S. John Campbell Memorial Award for Best SF Novel. Phytosphere was selected by the American Library Association as one of the top ten SF novels in its Reading List Awards. His novels have been published in six languages.

miser of cherry hill

Mackay first delighted critics with his entirely earthbound crime thriller, The Angel of the Glade (2010), featuring Clyde Deacon, a former personal physician to President McKinley, newly removed to Fairfield, New York. While still grieving the loss of his wife and his failure to save the president from an assassin's bullet, Deacon has nonetheless quickly become a respected Fairfield fixture, healing local patients while moonlighting as a crime-fighting deputy. When philandering business tycoon Ephraim Purcell is murdered while the sheriff is away, the doctor offers to track the killer. Deacon finds himself having to sort through a bewildering array of suspects, including a financially ruined blacksmith and Purcell's own vengeful stepdaughter… Mackay's period detail and crisp, engaging prose will satisfy fans of well-crafted historical mysteries. -- Booklist

angel of the glade

Widower Clyde Deacon arrives in the small town of Fairfield, New York, to take up the post of doctor. He is regarded with some suspicion by the town’s inhabitants, not only for being from Tennessee, but also because Dr Deacon was personal physician to President McKinley at the time of the president's assassination. When a beautiful young actress from Fairfield is found murdered, the county sheriff, Stanley Armstrong, asks Deacon to assist him in the case. Dr Deacon works diligently to solve the crime, only to discover that the inhabitants of Fairfield are not as innocent as they seem, his fetching and talented victim not as blameless as she appears, and the truth more shocking than anyone could have imagined.